You know how timely transactions are important in the world of real estate. Delaying a transaction because of technicalities is definitely not on your agenda. Lightspeed Escrow can make sure that you spend a minimal amount of time dealing with documents or fixing mistakes.

Lightspeed was founded by real estate experts. We understand the ins and outs of investment real estate and what needs to be done to finish any and all transactions quickly. You need speed and simplicity – we provide it.

Escrow Services for All Types of Investment Real Estate Transactions

Lightspeed Escrow’s agents have experience with all types of investment real estate transactions – commercial, industrial, land, short-sale/foreclosure, and 1031 exchanges. You will always be assigned an agent with expertise in your field.

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Comercial, Industrial, Residental

Regardless if you are buying or selling commercial, industrial, or residential real estate, we will make sure that the transaction is completed quickly. A document is missing? You will be able to reach us any time of the day and get help with the documentation.

The process is fully transparent and all parties involved will have access to everything that is needed. Each step of the transaction is done by the book, so you never have to worry that something won’t be in compliance will all applicable laws.

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Short Sale and Foreclosure Escrow Service

We will follow your instructions to the letter. All parties in a short sale will be continually updated on the progress of the transaction because transparency enables efficiency. With Lightspeed’s escrow services, there will never be any unnecessary delays.

1031 Exchanges

Why pay capital gains taxes if you can avoid them? Lightspeed Escrow specializes in 1031 exchanges. The 1031 exchange process is convoluted and complex, but our escrow agents understand all the details. We have in-depth knowledge of all the applicable regulations and guidelines and can make the exchange as straightforward as possible.

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An Expedient Process

Ultimately, you want your investment real estate transactions to be done as quickly as possible. That is what you get with Lightspeed Escrow. We can help you finish any and all transactions expediently, without sacrificing accuracy. Our escrow service is designed with efficiency in mind.

With Precise Execution?

Small mistakes can kill a real estate transaction or increase the costs. That is why attention to detail is a skill all of our escrow agents are required to have. We guarantee an error-free transaction so that you can finish on schedule.

Our rates are low and our prices are transparent. There are no hidden costs that will suddenly emerge in the middle of a transaction. You will know upfront what you are paying for and how much.

Transparent, Quick, Accurate

Lightspeed Escrow will enable you to finish your transaction quickly and move on with your business. We utilize our experience in real estate to provide the most accurate escrow services you will find. Whether you are selling an office building, buying a house in foreclosure, or anything in between, Lightspeed Escrow will make sure the transaction is done quickly.

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