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After years of experience with real estate closing, we were frustrated by the needless complexity, timeliness, and cost of the closing process. Slow, error-filled real estate transactions frustrates the dreams of buyers and sellers. Unexpected costs during closing can even kill a transaction.

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Real Estate transactions can be notoriously slow with hidden obstacles that delay your schedule. Our escrow services work fast to keep everything related to your closing moving on time.


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Real estate transactions can be complex and full of sensitive data and legal documents. Our systems are built to protect your data now and into the future.


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Simply stated, escrow is a deposit of funds, deed, or other collateral by one party for delivery to another party upon the completion of a condition or event. For example, when you enter an agreement to purchase a house, you agree to earnest money to secure your commitment to purchase. Because the transaction is not complete, the money needs to be held by a third party or escrow until the purchase of the property is complete. The third party is a trusted neutral party trusted by both the buyer and seller.

Yes. There are closing costs for a third party escrow to hold your deposit. They are paid directly to the escrow or title company that sets up escrow for your transaction. The fees are not merely for holding your money, but covers the cost of paperwork such as recording the deed.

There are multiple parties or principals in a transaction: the buyer, the seller, the lender, and the borrower. Each party has different sets of instructions needed to be completed for the transactions to be completed.

Choosing an escrow company is usually done by agreement between the principals in the transaction. If a real estate broker is involved, they may recommend an escrow holder. However, it is within the rights of the principals to make this selection.

Trust and experience are key in choosing an escrow company. Reputation for speed of transaction and competitive fees is important. In some cases, escrow fees can be substantial, and you need to find an escrow company that is competitive and offers low rates on the transactions.

Escrow law in California states an escrow must be a corporation and licensed by the California Corporations Commissioner.