All commercial transactions can benefit from professional escrow services. Unfortunately, instead of speeding up the process, escrow services too often cause delays and incur unexpected costs. These unnecessary delays and costs were the impetus behind the founding of Lightspeed Escrow.

We will help you close all transactions quickly and accurately. The process is fully transparent, there are no hidden costs, and all parties involved in the transaction will be kept informed at each stage of the process. If you are running a franchise or a small business, Lightspeed Escrow can help you out.

Small or Large Business and License Transfers

Our aims of expedience, accuracy, transparency, and security are all backed by years of experience. Our specialized agents understand the intricacies required of escrow depending on the type of transaction.

Whether you run a franchise, large or small business, or need a license transfer, Lightspeed has escrow agents with experience.

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Any and all transactions will be completed as quickly as is reasonable. We will clearly communicate the deadlines and meet them expeditiously. You will never have to worry that a closing will be delayed because of escrow services. Nor will you need to deal with imprecise deadlines..

Lightspeed Escrow will make sure you know exactly when each stage should happen and follow through on the plan.

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Speedy transactions are based on good planning and accurate execution. Our agents have years of experience and know how to prevent potential delays. No closing will be prolonged because of technicalities or improper execution.

Attention to detail is a crucial component of escrow services and Lightspeed’s escrow agents have it in abundance.


Escrow services can be costly, which is why you need to know how much you are paying from the start. Lightspeed Escrow provides competitive rates, but it doesn’t stop there. Our process is fully transparent for all parties involved, so you will never be saddled with a bill you were not expecting.

Lightspeed Escrow offers competitive rates, a fully transparent transaction, and you never have to worry about hidden costs.

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Safe and Secure

You need to provide a lot of legal documents that contain sensitive data before you can close on a transaction. We utilize the latest security measures to safeguard your data now and in the future. Your privacy is our top priority and we will make sure it is kept.

With Lightspeed Escrow, there will be no data leaks that could compromise your business.

Make Sure Your Transaction Runs Smoothly

Lightspeed Escrow will gather the information and documents needed for a transaction, check it for accuracy to avoid any mistakes, and make sure the transaction runs smoothly. We will follow the instructions and meet the deadlines set. Your information will always be kept safe and secure.

Our job is to ensure that your transaction is compliant with the applicable laws and regulations and that there are no unnecessary delays. Our agents will be at your disposal for advice or guidance every day of the week.

Contact Lightspeed Escrow for speedy and accurate escrow services at low rates.

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