Selling your house without a realtor is an excellent way to maximize your profits. However, that also means that you are left without expert advice or guidance, and selling real estate can be complex. You’ll need help and Lightspeed Escrow’s specialized For Sale By Owner escrow services can help you close quickly and efficiently.

Lightspeed Escrow was founded by real estate experts to help our clients cut through the noise of real estate transactions. We will be with you every step of the closing process and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Helping You with Legal Requirements

Your deal cannot go through unless the agreement between you and the buyer meets all the legal requirements. Because real estate transactions are governed by local regulations and federal and state laws, the process can be complex and tedious. On top of that, real estate laws change over the years.

You need in-depth knowledge of the process to avoid any delays. Or professional advice, which is what Lightspeed Escrow’s agents provide. We stay on top of the laws and will always be there to provide advice. We will sure that both you and the buyer meet the legal requirement so that the deal goes through.

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Enabling Smooth Transactions

Once you and your buyer sign off on the deal and provide all the necessary documents, it’s Lightspeed’s job to expedite the closing process. We will make sure that all payments are made promptly and accurately.

Is a For Sale By Owner Escrow Obligatory?

Escrow services regarding For Sale By Owner Properties don’t only make the transaction simple, they are often necessary. No, there is no legal requirement to open up an escrow. But there are very few buyers that will be willing to deposit funds directly into your account.

Buying a house is no small thing and buyers want reassurance that the transaction will be performed properly. Thus, you can think of FSBO escrow as necessary in practice. Regardless of whether you or the buyer insisted on escrow services, by the end, you will be happy you had the help.

A Trustworthy Partner in Your Corner

Selling an FSBO property can be difficult without experience or professional assistance. Lightspeed Escrow can be your partner and make sure the transaction goes smoothly, without delays. The process is transparent from start to finish and we will readily provide advice when you need it.

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